Feb. 7, 2022

390: The Yidan Prize - with Dr. Eric Hanushek, 2021 Yidan Prize Laureate & Mr. Edward Ma, Secretary-General of the Yidan Prize Foundation

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In this episode, YOUR guests are Dr. Eric Hanushek, 2021 Yidan Prize for Education Research Laureate, & Paul & Jean Hanna Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, & Mr. Edward Ma, Secretary-General of the Yidan Prize Foundation, & YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio!

What is the $3.9 million dollar Yidan Prize? Listen in to find out! 

Professor Eric A. Hanushek is a globally recognized leader in the economics of education. His work has given us the international standard for measuring how teachers & schools perform. And it’s shaped the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) by including learning outcomes as a target. That’s because he has demonstrated that it’s how much students learn—& not how many years they spend in school—that boosts economies.

Mr Edward Ma works closely with the Board, Advisory Committee & Judging Committee to design & implement strategic plans that will lead the Yidan Prize Foundation to accomplish its mission—creating a better world through education.

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