June 14, 2021

231: Focus IN on where you want to WIN - with Ed Camargo, Managing Director, Incubeta

231: Focus IN on where you want to WIN - with Ed Camargo, Managing Director, Incubeta

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! In this episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by The EvoLLLution, we welcome the Managing Director of Incubeta, Ed Camargo.  Ed brings his twenty years of digital marketing experience with the advice to "focus IN on where you want to WIN".  He highlights the massive auction environment of higher education today - an auction at scale - where David has to compete with Goliath.  So, how can David compete with Goliath in the online space - according to Ed, the answer is simple.  Data Science.  Ed also defines "lifetime student value" and discusses how the higher ed marketing landscape is shifting.  

Over his 20 years of experience in digital media advertising, Ed has helped clients develop valuable consumer engagements by finding data-driven connections between SEM, Social, Programmatic Display, and Creative. In his role as Managing Director NMPi US, he takes that experience and adds it to award-winning technology and innovative creative production. The result is the delivery of advanced analytics-led digital marketing, focused on how people are now engaging with media and connecting with brands.

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