June 16, 2020

26: Eaton Donald, Investor, CEO, ExactFlat

26: Eaton Donald, Investor, CEO, ExactFlat

BONUS: EdUp Embedded - Going Beyond Phonics to Teach Reading

Our guest for this Bonus EdUp Embedded episode of The EdUp Experience is Eaton Donald, Director of Strategy for Readably. His organization champions innovative ways to supplement teaching children reading online with a multi-sensory approach using color, position, order, shape and motion, rather than the traditional methods we're all familiar with using phonics.

As a parent, Eaton Donald was discouraged by the statistics showing stagnant reading scores from the US Department of Education and limited reading performance beginning in elementary school. He knew there had to be a better way to teach K-6 students how to read. Eaton explains how this innovative system makes learning how to read more intuitive and why he thinks it can radically change the way we teach our children. 

And for those who work in higher education, there are a lot of lessons to be learned here in providing online content that is engaging and gives students the ability to create knowledge. For parents, navigating the ups and downs of homeschooling in this post-covid environment, he provides some useful tips for how to make the online learning process more productive, keeping kids coming back for more and setting them up to be lifelong learners! 

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