Oct. 15, 2020

85: Dr. Dwaun Warmack, President, Claflin University

85: Dr. Dwaun Warmack, President, Claflin University

Embracing Black Students For Who They Are At The HBCU

This is The EdUp Experience President Series, Episode #28 - In this episode, we welcome Dr. Dwaun Warmack, President of Claflin University.  In this episode, Dr. Warmack talks to us about his university's unique COVID-19 response, using a quick-pivot to online learning, an inclusive taskforce and community awareness.

He also discusses his college's trailblazing role as the first to enter into a partnership with Zoom, receiving a $1.2 million commitment for programming and outreach from the tech giant. He explained the role of HBCUs to improve retention and outcomes for Black students with a nurturing environment, intentional hiring of faculty aligned with mission, and increasing leadership, faculty, and staff diversity at PWIs.

He also spoke about the importance of challenging the status quo to increase Black leadership at colleges and universities across the country, using mentoring, sponsorship, and the responsibility to lead national change with meaningful, measurable solutions. 

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