Sept. 2, 2021

299: The Rise of UMass Global - with Don Kilburn, CEO, University of Massachusetts Online

299: The Rise of UMass Global - with Don Kilburn, CEO, University of Massachusetts Online

EdUp Exclusive with YOUR sponsor MDT Marketing!  Before you read about UMass acquiring Brandman University, The EdUp Experience was talking about it with Don Kilburn, CEO of UMass Online!

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! In this episode, President Series Episode #96! EdUp got the scoop on how and why UMass and Brandman went from exploring a partnership to birthing UMass Global.  UMass Global will serve online working adult students by offering them online programs with wraparound services for that particular market.  Through strategic positioning, UMass Global now has a coast-to-coast profile to expand its geographic footprint.

Donald C. Kilburn is currently the CEO of UMass Online. He is a pioneer and expert in online education with nearly three decades of experience developing innovative education solutions and a track record of developing successful growth strategies for high impact organizations. Prior to this role, Mr. Kilburn served as the President of Pearson North America – the largest education company in the world – managing over $4 billion in sales and 15,000 employees. 

He also served as CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions and Vice Chairman of Higher Education. From 1998 until 2008, he served as President of Pearson Custom Publishing with responsibility for overseeing its higher education services and solutions business. Before joining Pearson, Mr. Kilburn spent 12 years at Simon and Schuster Custom Publishing during which he served as editor-in-chief for six years, and then later as President of the business for six years. He also worked for the Xerox Corporation and served as a Director of Interactive Data Corporation.

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