May 25, 2020

20: Dr. David Harpool, President, Northcentral University

20: Dr. David Harpool, President, Northcentral University

Online Learning & Leadership During Crisis

The EdUp Experience President Series #2 Join us as we have a fascinating conversation with Dr. David Harpool, President of Northcentral University.  Dr. Harpool has been President of NCU for over 9 years and he has over 25 years of experience in higher education at multiple levels.  During his tenure, NCU has grown quickly and, in 2019, NCU successfully made the transition from for-profit institution to non-profit institution as they merged with the National University system. David gives us great insight into alternative learning models, including NCU's one-to-one learning model.  He also discusses the necessity of differentiating remote/virtual learning from online learning, which comes with a unique set of pedagogical practices.  Toward the end of the episode, David discusses how he and his leadership team are tackling the issue of having/not having commencement.  

 **Dr. Joe Sallustio graduated from Northcentral University in 2019 with an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership** 

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