July 10, 2021

251: Virtual Reality & Higher Ed's Future - with Daniel Dyboski Bryant, Co-Founder, Educators in VR

251: Virtual Reality & Higher Ed's Future - with Daniel Dyboski Bryant, Co-Founder, Educators in VR

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast!  In this episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Claremont Lincoln University, we welcome Daniel Dyboski Bryant, Co-Founder of Educators in VR.  

Daniel comes to The EdUp Experience to talk to us about virtual reality in education.  Simply put, according to Daniel, higher education may not be adopting VR soon enough.  VR can be explored from a number of different angles and have a number of different applications, and the budget to get started does not have to be as significant as one might think!  A school can buy headsets first, use VR via 2D desktops, THEN move to immersive, creative perspectives.  This is a future-thinking episode!

Daniel is a life-long educator specializing in virtual and augmented reality, immersive technologies, 360 media, teacher training, communication and languages. He speaks 5 languages. He is a founder of Educators in VR, an open membership-based community of educators, trainers, researchers and startups who meet, share and collaborate in and with VR and AR across multi-user platforms. Here Daniel is also working on a remote VR learning network. His driving aim is to continually explore, test and develop immersive educational resources and methods that democratize education actually deliver improved learning results.

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