Sept. 29, 2020

71: Dr. D-L Stewart, Professor & Co-Chair, Colorado State University

71: Dr. D-L Stewart, Professor & Co-Chair, Colorado State University

BONUS: EdUp Embedded - Higher Education Must Embrace Equity and Justice to Advance Diversity & Inclusion

In this episode of EdUp Embedded, Dr. D-L Stewart, Professor and Co-Chair at Colorado State University talks to Elizabeth about Justice as a central element in the fight for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He provides practical definitions and actionable strategies on the key essential concepts for social justice warriors, allies, individuals and organizations committed to change. 

He also describes how the "Language of Appeasement" has been counterproductive to advancing meaningful and measurable change and why the "Culture of Niceness" and "Whiteness as Property" seriously disadvantage minoritized professionals and faculty members who are not in the "Norm."

Finally, he poses theories about how media intersects with the lived experience of marginalized communities, the importance of normalizing conversations about race, and why leadership is the key component for true transformative change. 

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