March 29, 2021

183: Rah Rah Revenue - with Cooper Jones, Co-Founder/CEO, Rah Rah

183: Rah Rah Revenue - with Cooper Jones, Co-Founder/CEO, Rah Rah

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by The Evolllution, we talk with, Cooper Jones, Co-Founder and CEO at Rah Rah! Cooper talks to us about Rah Rah, which brings connectivity engagement, and value to students - focusing on the student is what Rah Rah is all about. Where do I go? What do I do now? These are common questions that cause uncertainty and frustration for students. Rah Rah takes them to one place, and revenue can be generated on Day 1 using the software. Rah Rah brings equitability tailored to all types of students! 

Rah Rah is the community engagement platform that helps college students make sense of campus life and reduce information overload. Rah Rah’s mobile app empowers students by allowing them to discover and book campus activities and services, all in on centralized place. Students can do things like sign up for intramural activities, fitness classes, and even schedule appointments at the health center. The SaaS platform also provides a rundown of campus events in real-time and uses heat maps to reveals what events are highly populated. Rah Rah’s personalized, curated student feed allows students to discover relevant clubs and events based on their interests and passions.

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