Feb. 1, 2022

388: Sophisticated Marketing & Enrollment - with Charlie Parker, VP Marketing & Enrollment at ESI, Inc.

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Charlie Parker, Vice President of Marketing & Enrollment Operations at ESI, Inc. - www.aviationmaintenance.edu | www.tidewatertechtrades.edu | www.centura.edu, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, aka, THE Voice of Education, & YOUR special guest co-host is Jason Pfaff, Vice President at Red Ventures, & YOUR sponsor is LeadSquared!

Charlie talks to us about how ESI, & its growing portfolio of brands & campuses, continue to bring sophistication into the marketing & enrollment functions of the company.  The trades continue to see growth, but to continue to reach an evolving student consumer, Charlie discusses how ESI is structured & how they operate - it's all about relationships.  Traditional higher education is just not a fit for every student.  Charlie does a great job of discussing how students need to stimulate the senses to see themselves in a career (smell the oil, feel the tools, interact with peers), which is why ESI never moved to online learning.  Charlie says that "the day an airline pilot is trained fully online is the day I stop flying."  Don't miss this!

Charlie Parker is the Vice President of Marketing & Enrollment Operations with ESI, Inc.  He has a long career in higher education bringing career & technical education to students across the country.

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