March 10, 2021

173: True or False: The FAFSA is Simple! - with Charlie Javice, Founder & CEO, Frank

173: True or False: The FAFSA is Simple! - with Charlie Javice, Founder & CEO, Frank

In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Element 451, we talk with Charlie Javice, Founder & CEO, Frank.  This episode is action-packed.  We discuss the simplification of the FAFSA.  It's so much easier now, right?  Hear Charlie talk about why completing the FAFSA, even amongst the recent governmental simplification, isn't so simple.  Colleges and universities don't measure FAFSA completion times against yield rates, but should.  Charlie also talks about loan forgiveness, loan indebtedness, and how Frank is helping to serve underrepresented students in their quest to achieve a college education.  Charlie details how providing a student service around financial aid benefits schools, and most importantly, the students that need the white glove treatment.

Charlie Javice, is the founder of New York-based college aid advocacy, Frank. Javice estimates her company has helped more than 300,000 students get $7 billion in financial aid over the past two years. In 2017, Charlie raised a total of $15.7 million, the largest venture round for a female founder that year. Her investors included U.S.-Israeli investment fund Aleph Venture Capital (which previously invested in WeWork and insurance start-up Lemonade), Reach Capital, former Uber advocate Bradley Tusk’s Tusk Ventures, and Slow Ventures. Marc Rowan, the co-founder of Apollo Global Management, one of the largest private equity firms in the world, led the most recent investment. 

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