March 2, 2021

167: Modern Campus - with Brian Kibby, CEO, Modern Campus

167: Modern Campus - with Brian Kibby, CEO, Modern Campus

In this amazing episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by EvoLLLution, we have the honor of speaking with Brian Kibby, CEO, Destiny Solutions Inc. & OmniUpdate!  We have an EdUp Exclusive for you in this episode - Brian Kibby announces the merging of Destiny Solutions Inc. and OmniUpdate into a new single organization called MODERN CAMPUS!  Brian details the need for Modern Campus and the services the organization will provide, including marketing expertise and continuing education hosting - it's all about a seamless user experience.  Brian also gets into the massive need for career services to play a more central role in the college and university experience, and how higher education will be shifting from focus on degrees to credentialing.

Brian Kibby joined OmniUpdate + Destiny Solutions as CEO in 2020. He has deep expertise in personalized learning and an exceptional record of growth and digital transformation, including 23 years at two of the world’s largest EdTech and content companies, McGraw-Hill and Pearson. At McGraw-Hill Education, Kibby helped turn personalized learning into a global movement to increase student performance, while making education more affordable. Recently, as CEO of Knewton, Kibby led the creation of Alta, a SaaS personalized learning platform for STEM, which led to the acquisition of Knewton by John Wiley & Sons. He holds a B.S. in Finance and is a U.S. Army Veteran.

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