Aug. 23, 2021

293: Power Statements in Sales - with Bernie Weiss, President, iHeartMedia - New York

293: Power Statements in Sales - with Bernie Weiss, President, iHeartMedia - New York

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast, The EdUp Experience!  In this episode, sponsored by UnMudl, we bring back Bernie Weiss, President of iHeart Media New York, who previously appeared on episode #6!

Bernie's new book Ace It - How Sales Champions Win New Business delves into what makes a good sales person and provides resources for the beginner to the advances sales professional.   Among critical skills for salespeople are storytelling and committing to a process.  The book is battle tested and can be applied easily; it includes scripts, stories, analogies and more.  We ask Bernie how sales is applied in higher education - we discuss social selling, use of technology, and old sales tactics that still work.  Finally, we discuss why there is a negative stigma around the word “salesperson”!

Bernie Weiss is President of iHeartMedia New York. Starting out selling radio advertising for a New York-based Hip Hop station, he rose quickly through the sales and sales management ranks of iHeartMedia, America’s #1 audio company, and is now overseeing some of the most prestigious radio station brands in the world. Over the course of twenty years, Bernie coached hundreds of salespeople—rookies and veterans—many of whom went on to become sales superstars and rose to leadership positions themselves. 

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