March 8, 2020

6: Bernie Weiss, President, iHeartMedia New York

6: Bernie Weiss, President, iHeartMedia New York

Higher Education and the Role of Media

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In This Episode…

Join us as we have a fascinating conversation with Bernie Weiss, President of iHeartMedia New York. He takes us on his epic career journey in media from his humble beginnings as an account executive with iHeartMedia’s New York cluster in 2004. Get a peek into a media mastermind’s strategy for how higher education can use the power of media to create brand awareness and drive student enrollment with digital marketing.

● [02.15] Bernie Weiss explains his journey to becoming the President of iHeartMedia New York

● [06.20]  Bernie Weiss gives advice for new graduates to be competitive in today’s marketplace

● [11.30]  Bernie Weiss explains his roles and responsibilities at iHeartMedia, the goals and mission of the organization and his hiring process as a hiring manager.

● [21.15] Bernie Weiss explains how colleges can better prepare students for a rigorous hiring process

● [26.05] Bernie Weiss explains how colleges and universities should position themselves in their marketing campaigns to uniquely brand themselves with a “story” in today’s new media marketing environment and what iHeartMedia does to help in their partnerships with institutions

● [33.15] Bernie Weiss describes what he would like to be remembered for and what he sees as the future for higher education

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Bernie Weiss was our guest today. Learn more about iHeartMedia.

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