Oct. 28, 2021

336: Passion, Purpose, Credential - with Dr. Anthony Cruz, Campus President, Miami Dade College - Hialeah Campus

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We welcome YOU back to America's leading higher education podcast, The EdUp Experience!

In this episode, President Series #110, YOUR guest is Dr. Anthony Cruz, Campus President at Miami Dade College - Hialeah Campus, YOUR special co-host is Dr.Michelle Cantu-Wilson, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is MDT Marketing!

In this amazing episode, Joe and guest co-host Dr. Michelle Cantu-Wilson talk with Tony about re-engaging community college students in the Latino/Latina community.  The critically important points Tony makes regarding awarding certificates & ensuring certificate credentials ladder into an Associate Degree bring some sense to the "wild-west" environment that is certificate education.  Tony also discusses why MDC - Hialeah campus & greater MDC system are critically important in upskilling & reskilling the workforce!

Dr. Anthony Cruz recently served as vice chancellor of student affairs at St. Louis Community College in St. Louis, Missouri. During his 22 years of higher education experience, Dr. Cruz has used his expertise to increase educational opportunities, enhance the student experience & bolster student success. Prior to joining St. Louis Community College, Dr. Cruz worked at several community colleges and universities, including Sinclair Community College, Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, Broward College, Kaplan University, & Florida International University.

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