April 14, 2021

193: A Degree Unlocks Doors That Don't Exist Yet - with Dr. Angélica Garcia, President, Berkeley City College

193: A Degree Unlocks Doors That Don't Exist Yet - with Dr. Angélica Garcia, President, Berkeley City College

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #64. In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Angélica Garcia, President, Berkeley City College!  Angélica is amazing - through CA Assembly Bill 928, she has advocated for streamlining the student transfer process.  She says it plainly - "students don't need to be college-ready, colleges need to be student-ready".  Berkeley City College is a student-ready college where the curriculum is built around the experience of communities and the programs are designed to meet the student of today.  Angélica gives faculty the space to dream out loud; it's about unlocking the next level of opportunity for students and the best way to social and financial advancement is through a college degree.

Dr. Angélica Garcia is an educational leader with a demonstrated commitment to improving access, equity, and student success in higher education. A Leadership Fellow of the National Community College Hispanic Council, Dr. Garcia earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership at San Francisco State University, a Master’s in Social Work at San Diego State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal and Civic Studies at Saint Mary’s College of California. During her tenure as Vice President of Student Services at Skyline College, Dr. Garcia’s leadership and collaboration led to the design and implementation of the Promise Scholars Program, a program focused on increasing two- and three-year graduation rates.  

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