Nov. 16, 2020

112: Dr. Andrew Shean, SVP/CAO, National Education Partners

112: Dr. Andrew Shean, SVP/CAO, National Education Partners

Faculty At The Center Of Higher Education

Apology to our listeners - Joe's audio is horrible in certain parts of this episode.  Thanks for staying with us!

In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we talk with Dr. Andrew Shean,  Chief Academic Officer at National Education Partners.  Andrew talks to us about not reinventing the wheel regarding online education.  He tells the audience to go out, see what others are doing, and integrate those things (no one is alone).  Faculty are still at the center of learning, so investing in faulty development that is sustained and engaging resulting in increased student engagement is a key to a healthy higher education future.  Find out how NEP is working to bend the cost curve by offering an affordable education!

Dr. Andrew Shean is the Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer at National Education Partners where he leads online instructional design, academic technology, academic operations for FlexCourse, and supports academic innovation initiatives across the National University System. Furthermore, he works collaboratively to support and implement strategic plans with the academic leadership within the system and its affiliates.

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