Oct. 21, 2020

92: The Multi-Billion Dollar Question - with Andrew Ko, Founder at Kovexa

92: The Multi-Billion Dollar Question - with Andrew Ko, Founder at Kovexa

In this episode of The EdUp Experience podcast, we welcome Andrew Ko, Founder of Kovexa.  Andrew founded Kovexa to modernize education by accelerating and promoting companies that create pathways for high-tech skills and drive the use of advanced analytics assisting educators.  In addition to discussing Kovexa, we talk to Andrew about educational value, data being the new currency, and educations role in the future of technology

Prior to Kovexa, at AWS, he was the Managing Director for Global Education and Workforce responsible for Global Education business growing double digital annually while creating new programs for upskilling and creating new incubation sites in over 30 countries. These initiatives created innovative solutions with cloud-based solutions for EdTechs, Higher Education Institutions, and K-12 systems improving student outcomes and enabling the workforce.

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