Feb. 14, 2022

393: The Re-Swiveling of Learning - with Dr. Amanda Smith, CAO at Academic Partnerships & Dr. Maria Andersen, CPO at Coursetune

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In this episode, YOUR guests are Dr. Amanda Smith, CAO at Academic Partnerships & Dr. Maria Andersen, CPO at Coursetune, YOUR guest cohost is Holly Owens, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is LeadSquared!

Amanda & Maria discuss Academic Partnership's acquisition of Coursetune in late 2021. What's missing with teaching & learning today? How do we make improvements in the science of learning to create a more streamlined experience? Well, Amanda & Maria will tell YOU, & they'll highlight why this acquisition could change the game! Coursetune will continue to grow as a distinct brand w/ a dedicated team. Its software will remain available to customers on a stand-alone basis, & the companies will examine ways their customers can benefit from the others’ offerings.

Academic Partnerships is an online facilitator that assists primarily public institutions of higher ed in taking their academic programs online & recruits & retains qualified students through program completion. AP’s mission is to expand access to top quality, affordable & workforce relevant education, especially for working & adult students.

Coursetune helps institutions measurably improve course & program design. Focusing on outcomes mapping & assessment alignment, the robust suite of tools & reports enables diverse teams of educators to collaborate as they design, align, & communicate complex curriculum.

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