March 24, 2021

181: Study Abroad - with Dr. Alyssa Nota, President/CEO, USAC

181: Study Abroad - with Dr. Alyssa Nota, President/CEO, USAC

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Element 451, we talk with Dr. Alyssa Nota, President/CEO, University Studies Abroad Consortium USAC! Apologies for the spotty audio in this episode. According to Alyssa, there is still tremendous demand for studying abroad. Despite covid, study abroad is still possible - USAC prepares students to go abroad and Alyssa and team understand their responsibility to ensure students have a good experience. An important piece of study abroad is to be exposed to something different, but more and more students are asking about diversify, inclusion, and how they could be perceived on their overseas environment. Want to know is U.S. Universities are still desirable for students outside of the country? Listen to this episode to find out!

Alyssa Nota, Ph.D., was named President/CEO of University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in June 2017. She joined USAC in 2000 as the Resident Director (RD) and was tasked with turning around the struggling Torino Program which became one of USAC’s most consistently successful programs. Later, she created three new programs in Italy: Viterbo in 2006, Reggio Emilia in 2014, and Verona in 2016. She transitioned into a Regional RD position where she managed all four Italy programs, including overseeing the study abroad experience of 700+ students annually. She was instrumental in the selection of program sites, curriculum, and host institution arrangements. 

Additionally, in 2011, she helped launch the program in Chiang Mai, Thailand, returning in 2013 to hire and train a new RD. To date, it continues to be one of USAC’s most popular study abroad programs. One of Alyssa’s strongest beliefs and goals is seeing girls and women around the world overcome barriers to getting the valuable educational experiences they all deserve.

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