Aug. 5, 2021

286: Rebuilding the Mobility Escalator - with Alan Murray, CEO, FORTUNE MEDIA

286: Rebuilding the Mobility Escalator - with Alan Murray, CEO, FORTUNE MEDIA

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! In this episode of The EdUp Experience Podcast, sponsored by Black History & Culture Academy, we welcome Alan Murray, CEO of FORTUNE Media (which includes Fortune Magazine).  This episode is absolute FIRE - Alan talks about the battle for talent in the 21st century.  Fortune Education was started in 2021 to recognize and rank business schools that are providing quality education for the business community.  Alan also talks about the intersection of business and education, what's missing in employees today, and why we have to teach people to be better people for the future.  Literally, this episode is like having Alan on a university advisory board - incredible!

Murray is CEO of Fortune Media. He oversees the business and editorial operations of the media company, and is known for expanding its digital and conference franchises. Murray also writes a closely-read daily newsletter, the Fortune CEO Daily, that often addresses issues of corporate governance. Previously, Murray led the rapid expansion of the Pew Research Center's digital footprint as president of that organization. He also spent more than two decades at the Wall Street Journal, where he served stints as Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor Online and the Journal's Washington bureau chief. Murray authored Revolt in the Boardroom and three other books.

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