June 7, 2021

225: Disrupting the Traditional 2-Year College Model - with Akiba Covitz, CEO, Foundry College

225: Disrupting the Traditional 2-Year College Model - with Akiba Covitz, CEO, Foundry College

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #74.  In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Akiba Covitz, CEO of Foundry College.  We round out our coverage of the amazing work at Foundry College by talking with Akiba about Foundry's charge toward national accreditation via DEAC and potential approval of an accredited associate degree in business administration.  With a commitment to online synchronous learning, students (aka consumers) leave Foundry with something explicit - job-ready skills that can earn them at least a starting salary of $50,000.  It's then the student's choice whether to select out or continue stacking skills or degrees - an empowered student, a student in control of their future.  

Dr. Akiba J. Covitz has led business development processes at numerous Ed-Tech companies, including serving as founding Vice President for University Relations at edX. Akiba started his career as a tenure-track professor, and his academic career culminated with his appointment as Associate Dean for Faculty Development and a member of the faculty at Harvard Law School. At Harvard, under the leadership of now United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Akiba oversaw the extraordinary expansion and diversification of the HLS faculty, after a long period of stagnant growth.

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