April 16, 2020

13: Adebisi Adebowale, Founder, Upliftology

13: Adebisi Adebowale, Founder, Upliftology

BONUS: EdUp Embedded - From College to Corporate During COVID-19

In This Episode… Join us as we speak to Adebisi Adebowale, a Gates Millennium Scholar recipient, former White House Intern, two-time graduate of The George Washington University, and founder of Upliftology, an organization dedicated to transitioning students to college and assisting them in graduating debt-free. In the past five years, she has helped hundreds of scholars earn more than $2.5 million in scholarship money to schools like Columbia University, Syracuse University, University of Texas, and many more. She gives us her perspective on how they can successfully navigate the job market after COVID-19. Episode Length: 32:23 Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode! Listening Options ● Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or your favorite podcast player for free! ● If you enjoyed this episode, leave us a review wherever you can! Contact Us! ● If you want to get involved, leave us a comment! ● Visit us at The EdUp Experience. ● Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn. Thanks for listening!

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