Feb. 15, 2021

160: Aligning Infrastructure with Enrollment - with Dr. Shirley M. Collado, President, Ithaca College

160: Aligning Infrastructure with Enrollment - with Dr. Shirley M. Collado, President, Ithaca College

This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #52.  In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Shirley M. Collado, President, Ithaca College! Shirley talks to us about how the original financial plan for Ithaca College has not worked.  Simply put, Shirley tells us that CV-19 has completely accelerated the "Ithaca Forever" 5-year strategic plan.  She is working to align the infrastructure of the college with the enrollment - which isn't easy when you consider traditionalism and the wishes of internal stakeholders.  Shirley says that being "student-centered" makes you question the ideologies of decisions that have been made in the past - however, no matter what, embedded DEI has to be embedded in the foundation of decision-making moving forward.

Shirley M. Collado is the ninth president of Ithaca College. She is known nationally for designing and implementing innovative approaches to higher education that expand student access and success and has extensive experience overseeing complex not-for-profit organizations in both the private and public sectors of higher education. She is a national thought leader on developing successful cross-sector collaborations, building the capacity of equity, inclusion, and full participation in organizations, and strengthening the pathway to the professoriate and leadership roles in higher education.

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