May 11, 2022

436: Working Learners - with Dr. Parminder K. Jassal, CEO of Unmudl

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Dr. Parminder Jassal, CEO at UnMudl, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR Guest-Host is Ryan Stowers, Executive Director at The Charles Koch Foundation.  

Working Learners - NOT non-traditional students. Why does non-traditional seem to be a negative Hear Parminder talk about why working learners need the flexibility of the ins & outs based on what is happening in their personal & work lives. UnMudl closed their seed round at 1.3 million showing that the community college marketplace is going places!

Dr. Jassal creates social technologies that nudge human decision-making towards an equitable, sustainable future. As the CEO of Social, a public benefit corporation headquartered in Austin, TX, Parminder serves working learners through their flagship product - the Unmudl Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace.  Unmudl is powered by America’s community colleges to close the talent & diversity gap between employers & learners. Parminder is affiliated with the Institute for the Future where she founded the Work + Learn Futures Lab. Her early perspectives are shaped by experiences at Fortune 50 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, & Lucent Technologies along with co-founding start-ups like Technology Solutions & Consulting, Bombay House Restaurant, & East Indian Trading Cafe.

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