May 4, 2021

204: New Jersey’s Only 4-Year PBI - with Dr. Marcheta P. Evans, President, Bloomfield College

204: New Jersey’s Only 4-Year PBI - with Dr. Marcheta P. Evans, President, Bloomfield College

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #68. In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Marcheta P. Evans, President at Bloomfield College! Marcheta is an absolute force for good.  She discusses the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and the Predominately Black Institution (PBI) status at Bloomfield College - where a majority of students are students of color.  Marcheta gives a history lesson regarding HBCUs and the PBI designation and the importance of Bloomfield to her economically disadvantaged students and why Bloomfield was ranked the highest in New Jersey for social mobility amongst higher ed institutions.  Marcheta is the first black President of Bloomfield and her impact is felt in the transparency of communication to students and her understanding of accessibility and affordability. 

President of Bloomfield College, Marcheta P. Evans, Ph.D., was recently voted to serve as ACE Women’s Network-New Jersey’s Presidential Sponsor effective February 19, 2021. Evans became the first female and African American president of Bloomfield College on June 1, 2019, where she leads one of the most diverse liberal arts colleges in the nation and New Jersey’s only four-year Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) and Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). 

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