Nov. 12, 2021

347: Destination KISH! - with Dr. Laurie Borowicz, President at Kishwaukee College

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In this episode, President Series #118, YOUR guest is Dr. Laurie Borowicz, President at Kishwaukee College, YOUR special guest cohost is Dr. Julie White, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Unmudl!  

Joe & Julie talk with Laurie about the uniqueness of KISH!  Laurie talks about why the focus on dual-credit is so prominent & important at Kish.  We also have a really interesting talk about technology & barriers to technology that community colleges face (or don't face).  The most impactful part of this conversation centers around why Student Service personnel have the perfect background for a college Presidency!

Laurie Borowicz was appointed President of Kishwaukee College in 2016. Prior to this role she worked for 16 years Northcentral Technical College, serving six years as NTC’s Vice President of Student Services. She also served as Dean of K-16 Relations and Student, Success, and as Director of K-12 programs. Borowicz entered postsecondary leadership at NTC, after starting her career in education as a high school guidance counsellor.

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