Dec. 2, 2021

357: Think About The Students - with Dr. John Weispfenning, Chancellor at Coast Community College District

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In this episode, President Series #124, YOUR guest is Dr. John Weispfenning, Chancellor at Coast Community College District, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, aka THE Voice of Education, & YOUR sponsor is MDT Marketing!

Listen in as Joe talks with John about a variety of topics. One in particular has never been mentioned on any other episode. Hint, it has to do with high school principals and prestige. We think YOU will find this one very interesting. Enjoy!

Dr. Weispfenning, former President of Santiago Canyon College, Orange, California, & Vice President of Instruction at Orange Coast College, is the author of two dozen plus scholarly publications & papers related to working with media organizations, processes, & content. Dr. Weispfenning has been noted for his published work in the Journal of Communication, Mass Communication Quarterly, & Mass Comm Review & brings his experience as a journalist & broadcaster with radio stations throughout the Midwest to the Coast District.

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