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Holly Owens served as the Assistant Director of Instructional Design with Online Education at Touro College and University System for three years. She has over 14 years of experience in education in various roles, including instructional technologist and high school educator. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in life skills, education, and instructional design. Holly has taught in all modalities, but her niche is in online education.  Holly enjoys collaborating with other professionals to make the educational experience meaningful for all. As you grow, you never stop learning! Holly is also a small business owner in New York (Jolly Holly Ed Services, LLC) and offers professional services for those that want to transition to a career in instructional design. Her business services include technology training, mentorship, resume review, and other professional services. She can be contacted at or by going to her site for business-related inquiries.

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Warren is a globally connected Higher Education professional and reformer with extensive leadership experience across EdTech, strategy, marketing, business development and partnerships, principally in last-mile learning institutions positioned to scale.  An educated, results-orientated leader, he focuses on opportunities that leverage robust expertise in university-industry-government relationships, institutional and academic innovation, and university-led economic development including the future of work, scale, and value-based engagement.
An advocate for contemporary, majority online education, he is committed to giving Higher Education a stronger voice in society, notwithstanding its responsibility to lift the overlooked towards better economic and social standing.